One modern and elegant flooring option that every homeowner prefers is hardwood flooring. Unluckily, they are also susceptible to water damage. That’s why you have to actively prevent water damage to your hardwood floors to protect your home’s value, investment, and keep your flooring in excellent condition.

Instead of replacing your floor, you might be able to fix water damage if you act quickly.

Causes of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

You have to understand what can cause damage if you want to prevent water damage on hardwood floors. Here are several common causes:

  • Dog splashes from pet water bowls
  • Dog drool
  • Tracking swimming pool water into the house
  • Tracking snow or rain into your house
  • Spills that are not immediately cleaned
  • High humidity in the house
  • Spilling onto the floor
  • Plumbing leaks beneath the floor
  • Leaky roof spilling onto the floor

Your floor can be damaged by any source of water. You have to immediately clean it thoroughly if you notice you have gotten water on the floor. Else, the hardwood will absorb the water via tiny pores in the wood. This will result in discoloring, buckling, or warping.

Preventing Hardwood Floor Water Damage

There are a lot of methods to protect your floor depending on what type of water you are most likely to expose it to.

Protecting From Humidity and Leaks

You can prevent water damage to your hardwood flooring by utilizing a professional-grade dehumidifier if you’ve got humid conditions or a huge spill or leak. This will help get rid of excess moisture before the wood absorbs it.

Protecting From Spills

To protect your floor from usual water sources such as wet boots coming in from the outside or splash from the kitchen sink, you should take precautions by putting absorbent mats where water is a problem. Both ideal areas to place a mat are the area beneath the kitchen sink and your front door. To prevent soaking through, you should utilize a silicone backed mat.

Fixing Water Damage

There are several water damages that you should not try to fix yourself. It is ideal to contact a professional Murfreesboro water damage restoration company if you’ve got a very expensive hardwood floor, or if you’ve got huge water damage. This company can help you get rid of the damaged boards and replace them with new ones. To prevent more water damage to your hardwood flooring, these professionals can also help you address any water damage sources.

On the other hand, they’re easy to get rid of if the water stains are just white spots on your floor. You can utilize the polish of your floor and gently rub away the stain using a soft cotton cloth.

If the boards are warped, you can often fix them by flattening them with a heavy item. To see if you can flatten down the warped board, you can place a heavy piece of furniture, such as a dresser, on the area for several days. Make sure you don’t drag the furniture to avoid scratches.